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13 octobre 2023

Wings van lkarus

13 octobre 2023


13 octobre 2023


“Painting and sculpting is my guidance to life. It is a way of living and being”
Since 2005, the artist works half of the year on Paros, Cyclades, fascinated by the marble from the island. She finds her inspiration in ancient cultures and early Cycladic art.
Jessy Boelen searches her stones in old mines, riverbed or during her walks. She works with the material in the place where it originates.
Jessy sculpts in the tradition of the ancient Greeks with hammer, pointed, toothed and flat chisel.  The artist works with the stone, attentive to the particularities of each one in order to sculpt her own pieces. Although virtuoso, her white sculptures such as busts, bodies, birds are of great simplicity.