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Annie Archimandritou



1 novembre 2023

Smalti d’or vénitien, ardoise, malachite, ferropyrite

1 novembre 2023

Bracelet en mosaïque

1 novembre 2023

Marbre Azul, ardoise, smalti doré

1 novembre 2023


I have been active in the food industry for many years.
10 years ago, I started attending classical and modern mosaic courses in Greece and Italy . More specifically:
– classical mosaic lessons using the Venetian method at the Workshop of the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa (2010-2011)
– various modern mosaic workshops in Greece and Italy with Edda Mally, Rosanna Fatorini, Marco Santi, Beatrice Serre and Marco De Luca.
– Jewelery courses in « Ergani », Larissa (2012)
– Jewelry workshops with Beatrice Serre and micromosaic jewelry in Ravenna with Annalisa Marcucci.I
Coming an industrial background, I start mixing and manually treatment rough, primitive and always natural materials.
Today, I combine marble, stones, tiles, cement, smalti or even glass with embeded different scrap spare industrial metal parts always in an austere design. I use my knowledge on chemical engineering to choose and combine innovative materials (glues, mortars etc) for better results.
I participated in many exhibitions and co-organized with Mag. Edda Mally the international itinarary exhibition « Mosaic as Contemporary Art  » in Greece, trying to introduce the contemporary mosaic in my country.
Artist approach
By using mosaic technique also for daily usable items (e.g. bookmarks with syllabuses Linear B writing motif, or napkin rings etc), with hand-cut in the traditional way tesserae of Greek marbles and gold smalti, I try to declare that this « heavy » and linked to relegious imagery art, can absolutely be a contemporary one.
In addition, I make mosaic jewelry, particularly cuff bracelets, using gold smalti tesserae in combination with natural minerals, following a design in which the golden ratio rule is always appeared. So, the diachronicity of the Byzantine mosaics interact with the aesthetics of the minerals’ primordial power into the creation of my jewels.
The greek perception of things which has always been a geometrical one and my culture’ s deepest belief, over the centuries, that mathematics and geometry express accurately the beauty of nature.